Pilates at home in London

What we offer

Pilates Wellness offers one to one or small groups Pilates and Pilates/Barre classes in the privacy and convenience of your own home or workplace in SW and Central London.

Our classes will be tailored to your individual needs, and you will benefit from the exclusive attention of your instructor, allowing you to achieve real, long lasting results.

Small equipment will be provided and all you have to worry is to have enough space to lay down your mat.

Pilates at home

Pilates at home sessions are a convenient way to fit high quality, tailored Pilates instruction at a time and location that is convenient for you. One to one classes will be totally tailored to your individual needs, focusing on what is best for you, allowing you to learn at your pace and time.  Pilates at home sessions will allow you to save time and achieve a better life-work balance.

Pilates in the office

Pilates is the perfect antidote to hours spent seated at your desk hunched over a computer. Several studies have recently shown how sitting for long hours in front of a desk can be detrimental for your over all health, linking sitting to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular diseases. Organizing a  lunchtime Pilates class in the office will help break the cycle of sitting, and help improve posture, build core strenght and relieve back pain, in a non competitive environment, that can promote team building and help relieve stress.

Pilates in the studio

Few appointments are now available in a well equipped Pilates studios in Kensington, Central London. You will be able to experience the full Pilates studio experience as Joe had intended. You can train on various apparatus like the reformer, chair, barrels and tower. For bookings and prices, please contact me for more information.


“I have been training with Claudia for 7 months and I am amazed at how quickly my fitness has improved. Although she can be a hard taskmaster she is always very careful to stop me trying too hard and injuring myself. All with a good sense of humor & a gentleness of spirit. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone from a novice to an experienced Pilates enthusiast.” Angela, Pimlico