Health Coaching

Health Coaching

A health coach is an expert that combining nutrition, well-being and coaching knowledge will help you tailor a wellness program to improve your well-being for a healthier and happier life. I can help you cut through the overwhelm of a busy life and re-establish your focus and priorities to feel better and more energized.

The idea of change can create anxiety, but the process of coaching is focused on creating habits taking little steps at the time, in a way that is reassuring and sustainable. My aim is to help my clients to get in touch with their bodies and needs, and to learn the tools to manage their well-being, both physical and emotional.


  • Health or Nutrition Coaching for individuals or small groups
  • Kitchen Detox
  • Healthy Shopping tour
  • Corporate Wellness talks or workshops


  • If you want to lose weight, have tried many times without success
  • If you feel tired and want to change your lifestyle but feel too overwhelmed
  • If you have been advised by a medical professional to improve your lifestyle
  • If you would love to get fitter but are a bit confused and would like some advice from an independent professional with 10 years of experience


I have been working in the wellness industry for the past 10 years, as a Pilates & movement teacher, but I have experienced the benefits of an holistic approach to wellness and nutrition for most of my life.

I  trained with the renowned New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I hold a L 5 Nutritional Therapy diploma and a coaching certificate, I am contributor for a few lifestyle publications, and the resident nutrition & wellness expert for CureJoy an American website with 20 millions viewers.

I am also a recipes developer and food blogger, running my food blog at Lemons & Olives. My recipes and meals plans are regularly featured on healthy eating websites.


If you would like to know more or ask me some questions, you can arrange a free 10 min call.  You can contact me at or text me/call me at 07725741543.

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 “for a healthier, happier you”

” I have been training with Claudia for two years, and I have enjoyed it very much. She has a great deal of experience and combine rigour, encouragement and a happy, calm atmosphere which I would highly recommend. I am much stronger, fitter and slimmer thanks in large part to her” Leslie, Putney