Pilates for your feet

Pilates for your feet

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies yet they are often one of the most neglected areas. They have to support our entire body weight, throughout our life and they are essential for balance.

A misaligned foot and ankle can create problems that travel up the kinetic chain, causing imbalances that can be exacerbated by sports like running.

We mostly keep them constricted in shoes, that are often not properly designed to support them and give them the freedom to move as nature intended. There are 26 bones in our feet and many more muscles, ligaments and tendons, but very rarely they get chance to be properly used.

Plantar fascitis, bunions, achille’s tendon inflamations, are common issues that can be partly relieved by targeted exercise and fascial release. Pilates has many exercises for the feet, and assess the feet in relationship with the rest of the body and its kinetic chain. Many of these exercises can be comfortably done at home.

Mini-ball foot massage

Normally a tennis ball is suggested for this type of massage, but I find that is far too hard for many people, especially if they experience some degree of discomfort or inflammation. My advice is to use a softer ball like the Gaiam ” Hand Therapy” ball that come in a handy packet of three mini-balls with varying degree of consistency.

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