10 min workout

In a world when we are constantly busy & disrupted it is difficult to find time for a full hour of workout and sometimes we do we experience feelings of guilt for having sacrificed other important areas of our lives, like family time, relationships or work.

That's how the idea of squeezing in short but effective workouts was born.

In this section you will find short, 5 min -10min workout to target different areas of the body and different needs, like flexibility, recovery session, abs workout or arms toning.

I have used these types of workouts myself, and I have been doing it for many years. They are effective and have several benefits.

Benefits of short workouts

  • Can be used to tone a specific area of the body

  • Can help boost your metabolism, breaking up the day if you spend all day at home in front of your computer

  • Can help reduce stress and anxiety, with a short movement break that does not take much away from your day.

  • Can be done by people that are tired of fatigued as they are only five minutes, giving you plenty of time to recover, yet giving most of the benefit of a proper workout

  • Can be used as a recovery workout the day after an intense training

  • Can be used as an "add-on" to another workout

  • Can be used after a long tiring day to stretch and relax

  • Can facilitate deeper and peaceful sleep

Hips flexibility & hamstrings stretch 8 min Coming soon

Online Yoga

Lower back & hamstrings flexibility 10 min Coming soon

Online Yoga

Strong arms 5 min Coming soon 

Online Yoga

Everyday Pilates spinal flexibility & abs 6 min Coming soon 

Online Yoga

All of these sequence and more will be available for you to rent or buy soon. In the meantime get in touch to be added to my mailing list to be the first to know when they are for sale and more info about my online classes. In the meantime would you like me to create a bespoke sequence for you? Get in touch. 

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