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Wellness coaching

Health coaching is a process that will enable you to remove the roadblocks that prevent you from sticking to healthy resolutions, creating change and transforming your approach to self-care.

With the support of a health coach you will be able create a plan that works for you and your unique lifestyle, and being aware of what sabotage your efforts, helping you create a strategy that works in the long run.

This can also be achieved with collaborations or referrals to other health professionals, like your GP, nutritional therapists, breath work specialists, ect. 

We will meet ( via Skype or FaceTime ) either once a week or bi-weekly, to discuss you challenges and create a simple but progressive plan for you to take action on, that is sustainable for you and that you can stick on.

We will go over both your food intake and your "secondary foods", which are other areas of you life and well-being that are essential elements in you health & well-being.

We will cover areas like your sleep and exercise routine, daily stress management, prioritizing & setting boundaries for self-care, time management, morning & bedtime routines, emotional eating with an holistic and comphrensive approach that will empower you to take charge of your health & wellbeing.

You will also receive recipes, texts & email support, tailored handout and recommendations, food prep and virtual pantry makeover, cooking classes, educational videos tips, and for some plan weekly Pilates classes.

Fun facts: my food & wellness blog The Healthy Gourmet has been ranked among UK TOP 10 health coach blogs to follow for the past three years running! If you get a chance go over and have a look at all the informative healthy life articles and easy recipes.


I offer different plans starting from a 5 weeks to a six months plans. I am also available for 45 min consultations. For the full list of services contact me 

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