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Pilates for men 

Do you feel that your hamstrings are tight, a stiff lower back and feel the need to become more flexible? Join me in this virtual class where we will put together the principles of Pilates, stretch and fascial fitness to help you feel more flexible.

We will focus on typical problem areas like hamstrings, hips and lower back to help you create more spinal flexibility, hip mobility and hamstrings stretch

What you need for the class: a mat, a chair, 1 small 23inches Pilates ball and a long resistance band ( strong resistance)

"Claudia has helped me greatly improve my posture, gait and sense of well -being within a few months of private lessons. A combination of a skiing accident, poor posture  and a clumsy walk are all being rectified by Claudia’s wonderful instruction and patience. I have never walked taller nor felt more balanced." Simon, Holland Park

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