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Reshape the whole body

PilatesBarre is a full body workout that combines the benefits of traditional Pilates and Barre.It is performed without a ballet barre,so it is perfect for home workouts.

Using a small ball, two1kg ankle weights and a resistance band, PilatesBarre will work the lower body, the core and the posture.

Done at a lower pace than the traditional Barre classes, it combines standing Pilates and ballet barre-inspired fitness with traditional Pilates mat exercises, and some yoga stretches. 

My new online GROUP PilatesBarre CLASSES are starting the first week of October. Get in touch to register your interest.

The PilatesBarre workout can be tailored to the individual, in 1:1 session, and can be suitable for postnatal women.


Mini Pilates ball on Amazon

Ankle weights ( Choose the 1kg option) on Amazon

Resistance bands ( pack of three) on Amazon 

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