Essential props for your Pilates practice at home

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Pilates is better with props! For those who have only practiced matwork Pilates, it is worth noticing that the Pilates method comprised both the matwork repertoire and the "studio" repertoire which is Pilates done on machines.

There, with a lot of springs and pulleys, your body is challenged and supported at the same time. If during lockdown you are not able to go to the studio you can challenge your Pilates practice at home with "small props" that will help you replicate some of the Pilates studio exercises repertoire, whilst challenge you in a safe way.

Small props are also great to create variety in your Pilates practice keeping your practice more interesting and glued to the mat!


These small and inexpensive inflatable Pilates balls, are excellent for post-natal Pilates, beginners, and for those suffering from lower back pain. They challenge your deepest core fibres, whilst keeping your lower back safe, they help firing up your pelvic floor and glutes, help relieve upper back and neck pain, and create spinal and thoracic flexibility. A must!


They help with proprioceptions, hip mobility and stability, hamstring mobility and stretch, foot and ankle alignment and stretch, and general stability and strength of the upper body. You need at least 1,5 m in length to train legs and lower body.


Foam rollers are amazing to rebalance the body, they challenge the core & proprioception, glutes and hamstrings strength, spinal mobility, and can mimic pretty well the work done on Pilates barrels in the studio at a fraction of the price.


They are great to create proprioception, strength and stability of the upper body, but my favorite reason to use small 0.5 Kg weight in my Pilates practice is their ability to train and strengthen all the postural muscles of the back,

Would you like some advice on how to bring your Pilates practice to your next level or maybe need some guidance for some at home online Pilates classes? You can still take advantage of my Lockdown Pilates Offer with individual classes starting at £ 250 for a block of 10 online sessions. Two spaces, still available.

I use many of these props in both my private Pilates sessions small group classes. You can book a class with me on here, or get in touch for more info and timings. Don't forget to download, fill in and return via mail your enrolment form before joining any of my Pilates classes.

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