Online Post-natal Pilates classes (small group)

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Doing the right exercise after having a baby is important for long term health and fitness.

It is important that you go easy and gradual and do the right thing that will bring the pelvic floor back into synchrony with the diaphragm, hydrate the fascia, re-align your posture, and gradually help you knot those abs together. Once your core unit is stronger, you can then safely mov towards me strenuous and higher impact fitness activities if you like.

If you experience diastasis recti ( a very common condition that means that your superficial abs get separated at the front ) you really need to avoid certain type of exercises (like curl ups) and do specific ones that will help you bring those abs together.

I really wanted to create a class focused on women that had a baby in the year of Covid, and did not really have the chance to attend Post-natal Pilates classes due to the pandemic.

So next week I am launching an online small group Post-natal class with MAX 6 participants to give you all the attention that you really need. The class will be structured differently and I will give FREE 1:1 video screening to all the partecipants.

The provisional date will be Thursday 5 Feb at 10.30am, but timing is subject to change according to requests from the participants. Do get in touch, if you have a question, if you would like to book or if you would like to suggest a different timing.

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