Pilates for your glutes

One of the questions I am often asked from my clients is: how do I tone my glutes?

Well for a start the so called "glutes" (aka the muscles of your posterior) are actually made up by three muscles: glutes max, medium and minimus that have slightly different functions among them. But the hip joints is also the intersection of other important muscles called hip flexors, small little muscles called external rotators (you might have heard of the piriformis or piriformis stretch) and obviously ligaments, tendons and fascia.

The glutes also connect the upper body with lower body whilst in standing position, help create pelvic stability, can be implicated in lower back pain and create what is called legs extension when you are running or walking. With all these functions, it is not surprise that the answer to the question above is not an easy one.

For a start you will need both matwork and standing exercises, you will need to add some little weights ( like ankle weights ) and resistance to target and increase the muscle mass.

Considering that your hip muscles are so complex and have so many function that best way to train then is with a training that take in consideration the above and that work your muscles form different angles to create a toned, balanced and functional hips and glutes muscles.

On another note, we also need to consider that in our modern lifestyle, sitting down all day tends to create not only weak glutes, but also tight hip flexors and hips so we also need make sure that we stretch or release those tight muscles to create a balanced workout that create both strength and flexibility.

Combining Barre & Pilates exercises is one of the best way to create toned glutes and free from tensions hips, that are both pleasing to the aesthetics and functional.

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