Women's wellness: 5 things I wish women in their 40's knew

Updated: Jan 29

Reposting from my wellness blog The Healthy Gourmet. Over the past ten years, I worked with many women in their late thirties and early forties, and while I was supporting them in their juggle between the demands of a high-powered job and caring for a young family, I kept on seeing the issues over and over again.

1. Do weight or resistance training

Many women are afraid that working out with weight or against resistance will make them “bulky” but that it is not necessarily true, and you still use lighter hand or ankle weights or resistance bands & springs as we do in Pilates to make a difference.

Our muscle mass decreases quicker after forties and crucially it is also necessary to keep our muscle strong and skin tight and attached to the muscle.

Weight or resistance training is needed to tone up, boost your metabolism, keep weight under control, and very importantly keep your bones strong.

2. Keep your pelvic floor strong

Many women suffer in silence or simply ignore the signs of a dysfunctional pelvic floor until they get much more important symptoms that they can no longer ignore.

It is really a shame, because may pelvic floor related problems can be corrected and dealt with pretty easily if they are taken in time. When you go towards the end of your 40s and go through the hormonal changes of menopause will weaken your pelvic floor, even more, creating more issues.

My best advice to women is to go and see a women’s physiotherapist as soon as you experienced problems, especially if had had children recently. There is a lot that can be done to help but the sooner you deal with it and the better it is.

3. Keep your hormones happy