“Change happens through movement, and movement heals”

Pilates Wellness offers bespoke Pilates & well-being programs in the comfort of your home or workplace. Run by a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Pilates & movement teacher of ten years, it provides highly tailored and specialized one to one and small groups Pilates classes and Nutrition & Health coaching programs and workshops for individuals and organizations.

Claudia has worked closely with physios and osteopaths and has trained many  clients with chronic lower back, MS, hips and knees issues, scoliosis and neurological conditions. She has developed a loyal and regular clientele, working with top executives and CEO’s, busy stay at home mums and even an Oscar winner.

Claudia teaches with a contemporary approach and has broadened her knowledge studying with different Pilates schools from Body Control to Fletcher Pilates, and has taken workshops with many world renowned teachers from Bob Liekens to Lynne Robinson, to Jennifer Gianni, to name a few.  

I am happy to announce that my healthy food & wellness blog The Healthy Gourmet has been nominated as TOP 10 UK health coach blogs to follow in 2018!


Increase your well-being, boost your energy levels, for a happier and healthier life.


Highly specialized Pilates sessions at your home or workplace.



Re-set your metabolism for the Spring

This is one of the most common complaint I received from my clients and friends alike: I have managed to lose weight but cannot shift the last stubborn few pounds. What shall I do? The scenario might sounds familiar. You have managed to get you

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The best way to lose a dress size

Few years ago, I was managing the Diane Von Funsterberg concession in Harvey Nichols. For those who are not familiar, this is a brand famous for inventing the wrap dress, which is a little silk jersey dress that wraps around the body like a glove.

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Support your immune system this winter

It’s that time of the year again, when the first colds and flu of the season start to appear. Our lifestyle and nutrition can have a great influence on our immune system and the way we responds to minor illnesses. Have you ever noticed how

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Pilates for runners

Pilates for runners

Running is one of the most natural, primal and liberating form of exercise that human beings can do. But in our 21st century society when we are sit down in front of a computer all day, or sit down while driving or commuting, running presents

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Diet & detox health coach UK

When should I start a diet or a detox?

Re-posting from my food & wellness blog The Healthy Gourmet, nominated TOP 10 UK Health Coach blogs to follow in 2018. Most of us tend to start a new diet or detox on Monday, and most of us usually struggle to carry through and abandon

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About us

Claudia is a certified Pilates teacher & Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with ten years experience training high profile clients in London. She has taught at many of the top health clubs, studios and physiotherapy clinics Kensington & Chelsea, and her clients have ranged from CEO’s

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